Folk instruments' ensemble of Volyn national university named after Lesya Ukrainka

Folk instruments orchestra

Published: 2010-11-18 19:06:19

Conductor of the orchestra

Kucheruk Volodymyr Feofilovich

Finished Lutsk state music school (1975 - 1979), graduated from M. Lysenko Lviv conservatoire (1979 - 1984).

Since 1984 he has been working at Lesya Ukrainka National university (former Lutsk State Pedagogical Institute named after Lesya Ukrainka) taking a position of a teacher of music. In 1992 he was elected the head of the department of teaching playing musical instruments (1992 - 2008). In 1997 V. F. Kucheruk was conferred the academic rank of associate professor. From 2001 up to 2005 Sir Kucheruk was holding the post of vice-director of the Institute of Arts in Lesya Ukrainka Volyn State University.

In 1984 he founded an orchestra group as a part of the ensemble “Rozmay” and had been working there up to 1992.

In 1985 he established the orchestra of folk instruments “Dzherela” (wellsprings). The orchestra is a diploma recipient of the National Students’ Literary-folklore festivals “Lesya’s Song (Lutsk, 1988, 1989, 1991)”, a winner of regional competitions of folk-instrumental creatine activities “Snowball-tree pipe” (Kovel, 1999, 2000), a laureate of the 12th International Hutsul Festival (Kosiv, 2002). The jury of this competition acknowledged high professional skillfulness of the orchestra in in the nomination “Musical genre”.

V. F. Kucheruk is the author of 29 scientific and methodical works among which there are manuals: “Folk Music Set of Instruments of Ukraine”, “The Orchestra of Ukrainian Folk Instruments is Playing” (it received the third class certificate in the university competition) and “Orchestra Class” (it received the certificate of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). About 300 arrangements, adoptions and translations of musical pieces for orchestra of folk instruments, instrumental ensemble, ensemble of folk instruments made by the author served to be the grounding for the above mentioned manuals.


The staff of the orchestra conducted by V. F. Kucheruk recorded seven compact disks and several artistic programmes on Volyn regional radio and television, performed more than 400 concerts in Ukraine and abroad (in Lithuania, Poland, Germany).

As a show of honour and respect V. F. Kucheruk has been awarded with various honorary breastplates, diplomas, missive letters for highly qualified professional training of students, for excellent achievements in the field of amateur art. V. F. Kucheruk is also a honorary member of the association “Bridges to Ukraine” (Germany).