Folk instruments' ensemble of Volyn national university named after Lesya Ukrainka

Ensemble of folk instruments

Published: 2010-11-10 15:54:32

Ensemble of folk instruments


  • Zhanna Klymenko (violin)
  • Maxym Khalameyda (pipe, okaryna, flute Pana)
  • Vsevolod Lazuka (bayan
  • Yuriy Klots (contrabass)
  • Volodymyr Kucheruk (conductor, tambourine)


“Dzherela” (wellsprings) – ensemble of folk instruments (laureate of the IV regional Alexander Samokhvalenko festival-competition “You haven’t come out, my bright star”) was founded in 2007. It’s a constant participant of many solemnities in Lesya Ukrainka National University and the town of Lutsk. More than once the ensemble gave concerts in Poland and Germany. The repertoire of the ensemble includes the classical pieces of the world music, Ukrainian, polish and German Christmas carols, adaptations of Ukrainian folk songs, etc. The ensemble has recorded four compact disks.



Ukrainian carols

  1. Kucheruk V. Two Ukrainian carols.
  2. In Bethlehem, adopted by V. Kucheruk.
  3. Christ is born, adopted by V. Kucheruk.
  4. Two Christmas melodies, adopted by V. Kucheruk.
  5. Lullaby, Jasus, lullaby, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Soloist – G. Slipchuk.
  6. Ukrainian Carol, adopted by V. Kucheruk.

Polish carols

  1. Vesola novine bracia sluchajcie, adopted by V. Kucheruk.
  2. Przybiezeli do Betlejem pasterze, adopted by V. Kucheruk.

German Christmas melodies

  1. Composition 1: “Ihr Kinderlein kommet”, “Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen”, “Kling, Glockchen, klingelingeling”, adopted by V. Kucheruk.
  2. Composition 2: “Stille Nacht”, “Der Christbaum ist der schonste Baum”, “Lasst uns froh und munter sein”, adopted by V. Kucheruk.
  3. “Still, still, still weil’s Kindlein schlafen will”, arranged by V. Kucheruk.
  4. “Morgen komt der Weihnachttsmann”, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Soloist – G. Slipchuk.

Pieces of foreign composers

  1. E. Villa-Lobos, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Aria from Brazil Bakhiana.
  2. G. Gendel, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Alleluia.
  3. J. Cruger, M. Rinckart, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Nun danket alle Gott.

Pieces of modern composers

  1. M. Skoryk, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Melody.
  2. Y. Tamaryn, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Antique gobelin.

Ukrainian folk pieces and other pieces

  1. V. Popadjuk. Concert polka.
  2. V. Kucheruk, M. Khalameida. Two Volynian polkas.
  3. V. Popadiuk. Ukrainian folk jocose melodies.
  4. V. Iov. Bukovynsky melodies.
  5. V. Popadjuk. Fantasia for violin with ensemble.
  6. V. Kucheruk. Ukrainian patterns.
  7.  I. Miskiy. Ukrainian virtuosos.
  8. V. Iov, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Melody.
  9. V. Popadiuk. Fantasia on Ukrainian folk themes.
  10. P. Terpeliuk. Hutsul fantasia.

  11. G. Dyniku. Chora staccato.
  12. G. Dyniku. March round dancing.
  13.  Adopted by V. Kucheruk. Volynian polka “Pasha”.
  14. K. Miaskov, arranged by V. Kucheruk. Moldavian dance.
  15. Arranged by Klymenko. Whistling chora.
  16. Ukrainian folk song, adopted by V. Kucheruk. I cut a finger. Solist – G. Slipchuk.
  17.  Adopted by V. Kucheruk. Ukrainian folk song “Oh, under a cherry tree”. Solist – G. Slipchuk.
  18. Ukrainian folk song “Once I had a lass”.
  19. V. Kucheruk. Pot-pourri on German melodies.